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Word Study/Righteousness

B. The Example of Righteousness (4: 1– 25) Romans 4: 1 Abraham our father. Paul uses the model of Abraham to prove justification by faith alone because the Jews held him up as the supreme example of a righteous man (John 8: 39), and because it clearly showed that Judaism with its works-righteousness had deviated… Continue reading Word Study/Righteousness


How many people would rather split the church than relinquish control?     Thinking out loud, Sofia,    

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Inclusion is a term that educators use for special needs students. In an inclusion setting students with special needs are main streamed into the general education classroom.  The classroom usually has a general education teacher, special education teacher, and a paraprofessional.  These individuals work together as a team, providing the best environment for all students. … Continue reading inclusion

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What does hope look like?

What does hope look like?  Can it be disguised?  How is hope recognized?  Hope can come when it is least expected.  I do not believe all hope comes in prosperity.  However, I do believe hope can be seen in hurt and sorrow.  Think about Peter and his denial of knowing Christ.  Could this have been… Continue reading What does hope look like?

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go on . . . .

We have two small dogs that stay inside.  Waldo has lived with us since he was a puppy.  He is very secure and trusts us completely.  I can carry him in my left arm and he has all the confidence that he will not be dropped.  However, Teddy is a different story.  We are his… Continue reading go on . . . .

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Hmmm . . .

What happens when you have a team within a team? What do you do when the team within the team does not want you to be part of "their" team? How can you continue to do your job and be effective? What should you do to not let this isolation discourage you? Hmmm . .… Continue reading Hmmm . . .

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coalesce . . .

coalesce verb (used without object), coalesced, coalescing   to grow together or into one body   to unite so as to form one mass, community, etc.   to blend or come together   to cause to unite in one body or mass   coalesce. (n.d.). Dictionary.com Unabridged. Retrieved January 10, 2015, from Dictionary.com website: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/coalesce

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team . . . . .

           uniTe    combinE                Allying                Merge A team is a group of people who unite together to combine their talents.  The purpose of the allying is to merge as one, making a strong fortress that cannot be broken.   whole  . . . . undivided . . . . to share… Continue reading team . . . . .

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points to ponder . . . . . . .

I am still reeling in the emotions from the movie "The Judge".  I was not ready to have a front row seat to another dysfunctional family.  This is why I do not watch movies that depict real life. I've been thinking about the church of my youth.  I attended First Baptist . . . .  … Continue reading points to ponder . . . . . . .

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the walking dead . . . .

While sitting at my computer working on my assignments I often hear The Walking Dead playing in the living room.  Most of the time I will just listen.  However, sometimes I stop working and watch.  This particular episode involved eye patch man and Rick.  Eye patch man wants the prison and gives Rick an ultimatum;… Continue reading the walking dead . . . .

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Ours is the victory!

I'm just going to say it!  I am crazy for the Lord, and the older I get my love for him grows deeper!  However, with this love comes trials.  Trials are not meant to hurt us.  They are meant to help us.  Also, with this love comes knowledge.  The knowledge that some battles are meant… Continue reading Ours is the victory!

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change . . . .

It was a battle to be top dog, music director against preacher.  He (music director) thought he was superior and wanted control.    His (music director) body language screamed superiority, down to the smirk on his face.  He (music director) was jealous and wanted his way. This did not sit well with Moses.  However, Moses turned… Continue reading change . . . .

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Yeshua is our anchor!

"What The Storm Does Not Know" by Paid In Full is a song in which I have not heard. However, the title pierced my soul this morning during worship.  What does the storm not know?  Let me tell you! The storm does not know that Yeshua is our anchor in which we hope! The storm… Continue reading Yeshua is our anchor!

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the highway of life . . . .

I try to leave a little before 7:00 to make sure I get to work on time.  This allows me to take my time and not feel rushed.  However, I have noticed that some people are in a hurry and are not patient with my leisurely pace.  They will often pass me so they can… Continue reading the highway of life . . . .

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and he laughed . . . .

Right about now Satan is leaning back in his chair, his feet are on his desk, his hands are behind his head, and he is grinning from ear to ear.  He has us doing what he loves for us to do, Argue! Yep, he loves it when we (Christians) argue. He loves it when we… Continue reading and he laughed . . . .

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The Member

We "the members" have deemed ourselves judge, jury, and executioner of the church.  God is not happy with us and is telling us to "step away" from the church.  He is not telling us to leave the church but stop trying to own something that is not ours. The God of the New Testament is… Continue reading The Member

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thinking out loud . . .

I have never looked through the eyes of Joshua.  My view has always been through the eye of the Israelites. What was it like to have a whole generation not listen? How did it feel to see his words fall on deaf ears? What was it like to continually be compared to Moses? Was someone… Continue reading thinking out loud . . .

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It occurred to me last week that Joshua had two stages in his life.  Before the wilderness and after the wilderness.  He gave God's message to the Israelites and it fell on deaf ears.  Joshua did not fail! Joshua did enter the Promise Land!  The Israelites wilderness was his mission field.  Someone had to teach… Continue reading

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tradition . . . .

Have you ever heard the phrase, "If it ain't broke don't fix it"?  Let's stop and think about this phrase for a minute.  How do we know it is not broken?  How do we know that it doesn't need fixing?  By the time Jesus comes on the scene the Pharisee's six hundred plus laws were… Continue reading tradition . . . .


God is with us always . . .

Joseph watched her through eyes of compassion and love.  He was even going to divorce her quietly because he did not want to expose her to public disgrace.  Then an angel of the Lord spoke to Joseph in a dream and reassured him that all was well and he was to take Mary as his… Continue reading God is with us always . . .