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According to, though 71 percent of unchurched Americans said they believed Jesus “makes a positive difference in a person’s life,” a full 72 percent said they think the church “is full of hypocrites.”


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The New Testament word for church is ekklesia, and it was originally used to describe an assembly of citizens who were “called out” by a herald.  The biblical meaning, then, is a group of earthly people who have been called out by Christ for his purposes.

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Temperament Tip

Anger almost
always stems from feeling
unsafe or hurt.
Recognizing this
can help redirect
HomeLife, September 2010, p 32
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Let me give you an alternate definition of faith: Faith is the willingness to look foolish.

It seems like the people who God uses the most are the people who are willing to climb trees or get out of boats or follow stars or chase lions. The greatest turning points in Scripture can be traced back to someone who was wiling to look foolish.

Don’t tell me Noah didn’t feel a little foolish building an ark when rain wasn’t in the forecast for another 120 years. Don’t tell me David didn’t feel a little foolish going to war with a slingshot. Don’t tell me the wise men didn’t feel a little foolish when Jewish border agents asked them the reason for their visit. Don’t tell me a professional fisherman didn’t feel a little foolish stepping out of a boat in the middle of the lake. Don’t tell me Jesus didn’t feel a little foolish hanging half-naked on the cross in front of His family and friends.

Faith is the willingness to look foolish, and the results speak for themselves. Noah was saved from the flood. David defeated Goliath. The wise men found the Messiah. Peter walked on water. Jesus was raised from the dead.

What do you think about this definition of faith?

Can you think of other biblical characters who did foolish things for God?

I think the reason many of us have never killed a giant or walked on water or found the Messiah is because we’re not willing to look foolish.

First Corinthians 1:27 reveals God’s modus operandi:

“Instead, God has chosen the world’s foolish things to shame the wise, and God has chosen the world’s weak things to shame the strong.”

Nothing has changed. If you aren’t willing to look foolish, you’re foolish.

CHASE the LION (stepping confidently into the unknown) by Mark Batterson pgs. 100-101

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