Interesting quote from “Abraham: One Nomad’s Amazing Journey of Faith”

Hi – I’m reading “Abraham: One Nomad’s Amazing Journey of Faith” by Charles R. Swindoll and wanted to share this quote with you.

“The Lord’s favor on Abram didn’t depend upon the man’s good behavior. Did you notice that God didn’t punish Abram for his failure? In His grace, He blessed Abram despite his lack of trust. Clearly, the Lord’s favor on Abram didn’t depend upon the man’s good behavior. Like a good parent, God allowed the natural consequences of his child’s foolish choices to become a means of instruction. Rather than burying Abram in condemnation and shame, He used this failure as a tool for instruction. At least five principles emerge from this short account of Abram’s wavering faith and default response. 1. Everyone faces famines. Some famines are severe. They knock your feet out from under you and leave you lying flat on your back, with nowhere to look but up. A doctor’s report with the worst possible news. A divorce. The death of a loved one. Unemployment. Bankruptcy. Other famines appear manageable from a human perspective. Either way, these experiences invariably prompt a crisis of faith, challenging you to answer the question, In what do I trust . . . really? Famines, while destructive and fearsome, can provide an opportunity to take your relationship with God deeper. Find a believer you know to be wise, having retained his or her integrity through hardships. Ask this person to share his or her experiences, and then listen carefully. Discover how faith in God’s provision and protection can be strengthened through severe circumstances.”

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