Have you ever heard the phrase “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”?  This refers to the fact that if something is going smoothly leave it alone.  Who or What determines if something isn’t broken.  What is your measuring tool?  The Bible you say!  What part of the bible? Old Testament or New Testament!  Do you only use the part of the bible that supports your belief?  Will you choose Paul over James or James over Paul?

Let’s look at Saul of Tarsus/Paul the Apostle.  One man, two mind sets. Before Damascus and after.  If asked, Saul of Tarsus may have said that he had the mind of Christ, totally unaware that his behavior was far from being Christ like.  All Saul knew was the surrounding from which he was raised.

Where does that leave us?  What’s broken in us that needs fixing?  What will be our measuring tool?  Will we be open to God’s leading?  Will we strive to gain the Mind of Christ before he allows us to see?

In His Name,


Follower of the Way


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