searching . . .

I have been church hopping for some time now with a spirit that is restless and unsettled,  looking for a place to rest.  So, last weekend I downloaded an app to check out another church I was thinking of visiting.  The first thing I checked out was the membership qualification which requires three steps.  First step requires taking a class and the last step requires an interview by an elder.  These requirements caused me to change my mind and to continue my search.  This introverted person doesn’t talk well when speaking to strangers.

For the life of me I cannot find in the bible where I have to be interviewed to join a church.  For there is only one interviewer, The Interviewer over all.  He interviewed Adam, Abraham, and Jacob.  He interviewed Moses and Joshua.  He even interviewed the disciples.  And, let us not forget the greatest interview of all.  It took place on the road to Damascus.  It was an eye opener!

My search continues!

In His Name,


Messenger of the Lords Army


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