moving on

My husband has started studying again.  This gives me great pleasure because he is extremely smart and I hate to see smart wasted.  Earlier this year he had the wind knocked out of him so he dropped his sail and has been drifting. It almost gives me an anxiety attack when the thought of his betrayal crosses my mind so I try to dismiss it as quickly as it enters. He was betrayed by a man who has hollow eyes and wears the smile of Satan. The betrayer could not stand the thought of my husband being smarter than him so he chose to do whatever he could to eliminate my husband as a threat. However, God used this circumstance to place my husband in an environment where he is safe.  His name will not be associated with any wrongs when they are made public.  And it will!  That which is done in darkness will be brought to light!

How about you? Are you on foreign soil? Are you unsure of your future? Drop your sail and drift but do not drift aimlessly!  Read your bible and study God’s word!  Be prepared for whatever God has called you to do next!


Messenger of God’s Army!


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