When God shows favor!

Joseph found favor in the eyes of Pharaoh.

Esther found favor in the eyes of King Xerxes.

Daniel found favor in the eyes of King Nebuchadnezzar.

God uses unconventional ways to help his people, putting in place individuals who carry out his master plan.  This not only happened in the days of old, but happens now.  He will use each of us to bring about his purpose, if we are willing.  This includes government officials.

Mike Pence found favor in the eyes of Trump.

Trump winning the Presidency was not an accident.  It was allowed by God.  God also knew who he was going to choose as Vice President.  Trump is merely receiving all focus.  This allows God to do his will through Pence.  Do not discount his quietness as meekness.  He is very aware of his surroundings.  I believe he calls on God on a regular basis.

Let me encourage you to read the story of God’s people and discover how he used them as part of his divine plan.  Each story shows how God takes our circumstances and uses it for his good.  Each individual was placed in a position to help God’s people and rose to the occasion when needed.  How about you?  Are you ready?  Do you have what it takes?  I believe you do!  Now stand tall and be prepared when you receive his call!


Messenger of God


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