Judas the betrayer . . . . .

hater hater come to me

with my love i’ll set you free

I can hate like nobody’s business.  It comes as natural as wearing a warm winters sweater. This behavior was learned from previous generations.   My great-granddaddy was a hater. My granddaddy was a hater.  My mother was hater.  I did not realize this was not normal until I married and had my daughter.   This is something I will struggle with the rest of my life, continually seeking God’s help. Due to resent events my hate level has fluctuated.

Right now my vision is set on Judas, the betrayer.  Judas was the one who betrayed Jesus with a kiss, allowing the establishment to complete their mission.  I have to wonder how the rest of the disciples acted between the crucifixion and the resurrection.   Did their thoughts race from here to there?  Were they angry?  Did they feel betrayed by both Jesus and Judas?  Did they question their loyalty to both?  They had to look no further than the cross to find their answer. It was hanging right in front of them.  As Jesus was taking his last breath he was praying for his believers asking his heavenly father to “Forgive them for they know not what they do”.  Even as he was dying his love still poured from his soul for each of them.

Where does this leave us?  What do we do with our Judas?  Maybe you have had more than one Judas in your life.  Maybe you can’t count yours because there are too many.  Like the disciples, we too must walk down the road and decide which path we will take.  Will we take the path of Jesus?  Choosing to love and forgive!  Will we take the path of Judas?  Hanging ourselves with brokenness and despair!  No one else can walk the path for you!  You must walk hand in hand with the One and Only! The one who can set you free! The choice is yours!  Choose wisely!


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