Hmm. . . .

The Pharisees had created 600 plus laws and enforced them religiously.  You can imagine   how they felt when Jesus began his earthly ministry.  Yep, they were infuriated!  They did not like Jesus shedding a “negative” light on their establishment and infringing on their territory.  What’s a Pharisee to do?  In the dark of the night they met and plotted to have Jesus killed.  The pillars of the community sought to “snuff out” Jesus.  This would eliminate any competition the Pharisees would face, or so they thought. Murdering Jesus only made him more visible to the community, bringing to light the true identity of the Pharisees.

Who was really being negative during this time?  Jesus?  The Pharisees?  It depends on how you view the word “negative”. defines “negative” as a disadvantage or drawback.  For the Pharisees the “negative” was loss of control of their establishment or power.  However, Jesus’ message was really “positive” because he was preaching freedom from bondage.  Negative words are necessary and needed.   They can often produce change for the better.

If you find yourself receiving negative words, stop and listen.  Use them to evaluate your current situation and ask yourself a few questions.  Am I going in the right direction?  What does the bible say about my circumstance?  Are these words necessary?  Can they bring about a positive change? Let me just go ahead and bust your bubble! Sometimes “negative” is necessary. Sometimes negative words speak the truth and the truth is often messy.  You need to realize that the truth can hurt but it can also heal!  One more thing!  THREE DAYS LATER,  THREE DAYS LATER,  HE’S ALIVE!


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