know that you are loved. . . .

There is no reason I should be here because my parents lacked the motivation to love me.  Had I been born later in time I would probably not exist.  Thankfully, my Grandmother cared for me and loved me the best as she could.  However, God saw fit for me to walk the face of this earth!  He loved me before my parents knew of me.

He knows me and he knows you!  At the beginning of time you were a mere seed in his thoughts waiting for the perfect time to be planted. When planted, he  watered and cared for your every need!  Even now you are cared for, never leaving his thoughts!  You are his pride and joy!

Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow.  Do not worry about feeling loved and accepted.  He’s got this!  He’s got you! Now!  Breathe in!  Breathe out! Breathe in!  Breathe out! Look toward the heavens and praise the one who loves you!

Lord, I pray for those who have a hallow space that they desire to be filled!  Be with them, showing them your love!  Walk before them and slay their enemies, walk behind them and catch them when they fall, walk beside them and hold their hand! Lord, I lift this prayer to you.  In your name I pray!


Messenger of the Lord’s Army










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