What will you do?

The characters I like the most are those with baggage.  Leroy Jethro Gibbs NCIS, Ziva David NCIS, Michael Westen Burn Notice, and Neal Caffrey White Collar all have baggage.  It occured to me that each character has father issues.  Their relationship with their fathers are not ideal and there is a fracture that has occurred that needs mending.  I totally understand the whole father thing.  I had no relationship with my earthly father and he never acknowledged me as his daughter.  Does it matter now?  Not really.  My heavenly father provides all my needs.  Has it always been that way? No!  It has taken many years to get to this point but I am slowly reaching my goal.

You too may have issues with your father.  You may have grown up without a father or a father who could not show his emotions.  What will you do?  Will you continue to hate your father refusing forgiveness?  Will you let go of that hatred and love him in spite of his mistakes. It is up to you choose carefully?

Daughter’s love your father’s and father’s love your daughter’s!  Time a wasting!

Thinking out loud!


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