Leah’s sons:  1.  Reuben    2.  Simeon    3.  Levi    4.  Judah

Bilhah (Rachel’s Maidservant)   5.  Dan     6.  Naphtali

Zilpah (Leah Maidservant)   7.  Gad    8.  Asher

Leah  9.  Issachar    10.  Zebulun

Rachel   11.  Joseph   12.  Benjamin   *Dinah (daughter)

1.  Judah receives the double portion and is considered the leader of the family.  Why?

2.  How far back in Joseph’s family can you trace betrayal?

3.  Why did Joseph continue to serve Potiphar even though his wife continually pursued him?  Where would Joseph had fled if he left the house of Potiphar?

4.  Why did Potiphar put Joseph in prision instead of killing him?

5.  What was it like growing up in a house with brothers from different mothers?

6.  Why didn’t Joseph go back home?

7.  Define betrayal?

8.  Is this more about Israel (the nation) and less about Joseph?


Tribes of Israel




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  1. anubeginin says:

    When we fail to wait on God’s timing we tend to make things more complicated.


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