points to ponder . . . . . . .

  • I am still reeling in the emotions from the movie “The Judge”.  I was not ready to have a front row seat to another dysfunctional family.  This is why I do not watch movies that depict real life.
  • I’ve been thinking about the church of my youth.  I attended First Baptist . . . .   They had a bus ministry and would pick me and my sister up  and carry us to church.  It was a difficult church to attend because I always felt I could never dress good enough.  Also, I do not remember the preacher every speaking to me.  He was more concerned with keeping the members who paid the bills happy.  You also had to be a professional singer to ever get recognized by the minister of music.
  • I have attended two churches where I live.  Two positives that came from this first church. My daughter had the best children’s minister and I was fortunate to have met the sweetest preacher’s wife ever!
  • I visited a local church that is different from all others.  They were baptizing 200 hundred people during three services.  These people were not your every day Baptists.  They were tattoo wearing, biker riding, blue jean kind of people.  There were many!  They waited patiently for the doors to open so they could hear God’s word.  I’m not sure traditional churches are prepared for these people or if they want them in their church.  If these people were to visit our churches, I not sure they would come back.  There would be no blending in with the congregation.  These people would stand out like a sore thumb.  I once questioned the validly of this church, but not any more. In  Mark 9:38-41, John tells Jesus that someone who does not belong to their group is preaching the gospel.  This does not please Jesus.  Jesus then tells them “If he’s not an enemy, he’s an ally“.   Jesus is saying “leave them alone”, they are fulfilling a need that needs to be met.


thinking out loud . . . . .


Messenger of the Lords Army



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