change . . . .

It was a battle to be top dog, music director against preacher.  He (music director) thought he was superior and wanted control.    His (music director) body language screamed superiority, down to the smirk on his face.  He (music director) was jealous and wanted his way. This did not sit well with Moses.  However, Moses turned it over to the Lord to be dealt with once and for all.  And the Lord did, eliminating the troublemakers quickly and swiftly! The ground opened up and swallowed the tribe. This story is very much real.  You will find the passage in Numbers 16.  It was real then and is real now.

God is the head of the church and the preacher is the messenger!  It would be in our best interest to follow God’s directions.  To not decide is deciding!  To often the church is controlled by people who want their way.  When left unchecked the church becomes dysfunctional and ceases to serve its purpose.

What’s a church to do?  Humble yourself before the Mighty Hand of God.  Seek God’s guidance and take the steps necessary to bring the situation under control.  There is work to do and people to save!  Now get busy and get this thing done!


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