the highway of life . . . .

I try to leave a little before 7:00 to make sure I get to work on time.  This allows me to take my time and not feel rushed.  However, I have noticed that some people are in a hurry and are not patient with my leisurely pace.  They will often pass me so they can get to their destination quicker.  I find this humorous because I often end up next to them at the red light.   They are stuck behind several vehicles while my lane is empty.  This can happen to us as we travel the highway of life. We often feel that others are passing us while we are standing still.  Just because the are passing us doesn’t mean they are getting somewhere.  It just means they are in a hurry.  More than likely we will end up next to them at the red light.  They will be behind several other people while we are free to move forward. Don’t sweat it!  Keep looking forward! Remember they may be headed to a dead-end road but can’t realize it because they are in such a hurry!  Keep the faith! Keep on keeping on!


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