he was lame in both feet . . .

I would have to say that the story about King David and Mephibosheth is my favorite story in the bible.  It is a glimpse of God’s love for us.  The story looks deep into the souls of two men.  One man who was favored from the beginning and one who seemed to have no favor at all.  King David is longing for the day before; before the murder of Uriah and before the affair with Bathsheba.  He longed to return to a time when the Lord was all he wanted.  Then you have Mephibosheth; a lame man who knew nothing but heartache and fear.  King David knew what it was like to be loved and shown favor.  All Mephibosheth knew was sorrow and hurt.  Two men who longed for something different.  One had everything and the other one nothing.

Who are you most like?  At one time all you wanted was the Lord.  You followed him wholeheartedly, never questioning his directions.  Or maybe you are Mephibosheth.  You have never known what it was like to be loved and accepted.  Living in fear is all you have ever known.  Both men longed for the “before” and so do you.  Before the abortion, before the drugs, or before the divorce.  Maybe you were so young you cannot remember the “before”.

Shake it off!

The past is the past!

Live in the now!

God loves the sinner not the sin!  He gladly accepts you into his Kingdom!  You can overcome with his help!  So drag your crippled self to the king’s table! He adores you! He loves you!  He will never reject you!

Now Mephibosheth was lame in both feet and always ate at the Kings table.  

Now ___________  (your name) was ____________ and always ate at the Kings table. 

Come and join me at the Kings table where you are loved and accepted!


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