Do we want to be missional?  We’ll need to think about this before we answer!  Are we ready; ready for the tattooed, ready for the foul mouthed, ready for the unclean and impure?  Are we ready for the riffraff and vagabonds Are we ready for them to mess up our tidy little world?  Think long and hard before you answer this question!  We may be just like them you know, just clean looking on the outside.

Our hearts may be tattooed with sorrow and hurt.  Our mouths may be fouled with gossip and criticisms.  Our thoughts and actions may be unclean and impure.  To the outside world we may appear to have it all together, but rest assure we do not!

What do we do?  Do we turn a blind eye and pretend we are perfect and have it all together? I do not have the answers! I am just a fellow believer struggling with the same questions.

Thinking out loud . . . . . . . . .


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