My name is Sophia, a messenger of the Lord’s army.  God has called me to join the ranks of those spreading the word. Abba is kind and compassionate, loving all!  I first met him when the scribes and the Pharisees pulled me from my bed and threw me at his feet.  They were testing Jesus seeing what he would say.  With stones in their hands the scribes and Pharisees were judge and jury.  He stooped down to the ground and wrote in the sand giving them little attention. This did not make the scribes and the Pharisees happy.  They wanted a response.  He raised himself up and said, “go ahead throw that stone if you are sinless“.  One by one they dropped the rocks and walked away.  When I looked up they were all gone.  He looked at me with love and compassion and said “go and sin no more”. I have followed him ever since.   He’s with the disciples under that big oak tree speaking a common language.  The common language of love and acceptance.  Now go and sit with the one who loves you most, our Lord and Savior!

You too, can have a relationship with the one I call Abba.  He is waiting for you with patience and understanding, longing for you to follow.  He will not force himself on you, but will wait for you till you are ready. Now come and join the followers of the Way!


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