going before you

We have some land that my husband hunts during deer season.  It is deep in the woods and doesn’t have electricity.  When we go in at night and it is completely dark Waldo and I wait in the car while my husband goes in and cuts the lights on.  He is familiar with the surroundings because he’s there every weekend during hunting season.  If I get out of the car and run ahead of him there is a good chance I could get hurt because I am not familiar with the surroundings.  My husband keeps me safe by going ahead of me making sure the way is visible.

God does the same thing for us. He goes ahead of us making sure the path is safe.  Running ahead of him can only lead to danger.  It is in our best interest to stay put until he tells us we can go.  Only when he shines his light on the path ahead will we be safe to move ahead.  The next time we want to run ahead of God; we need to be patient, wait, and stand still!  God will go before us and shine his light, making the path visible for us to see. John 8:12.


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