The church is worn and dated. In its heyday it was pretty but now the signs of life show all around. I’m wondering if stain class windows and baptisteries will be a thing of the past.  Maybe . . . maybe not.  Only time will tell.  In this tired old church only a few remnants remain. They thought about quitting and moving on but decided to give it one more shot. So they did.

He is a young pastor who is different from others. They needed him and he needed them. He will blaze a new trail determined to succeed. I am curious how this story will end. Will others come to this church determined to see it grow? Will they go into neighborhoods that are not neatly manicured?  Will they enter rundown houses where the people are rundown physically and emotionally?

This makes me think of another young man who went into neighborhoods that others would not enter.  He had a heart for them all. The thieves, the prostitutes, and the tax collectors. He loved them and wanted them to believe.  Some did and some didn’t.

I have my own thoughts as to how he looked and reject all traditional pictures. I believe he wasn’t a wimp and could outwork anyone. He was of average height and muscular.  According to Isaiah 53 he was an ordinary man who may not have gotten a second look.  He went to the synagogue as was the custom and observed the Passover. He loved his mother even when she did not understand and loved his brothers even when they abandoned him. I believe once he started his earthly ministry he was homeless.

One young man in the present ready to take on the future, one young man of the past who died to give us a future. The man of the present will learn from the man of the past because his words are recorded for all to read.  May this preacher and church have a new vision and a new hope. May others be called to this mission field; bringing the love that Jesus demonstrated when he fulfilled his earthly ministry.

The church is not a building where people dwell.  It is a people where God dwells in their hearts. They are united for one cause, carrying on a ministry that was started over 2000 years ago by a young man who we know as the Son of God. He walked this earth, died for our sins and rose again to go to his heavenly father. There he waits for the day that he can come for us, those of us who believe.



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