Has someone ever stood out to you?  Maybe at the grocery store you noticed someone and really just don’t know why.  Last night while I was looking for cornbread mix I noticed this older gentleman.  He was moving quickly from aisle to aisle, maybe he was gathering items for a party.  For some reason I felt sad for him.  Not sure why, I just did.  As I think about him I am wondering if that party will satisfy whatever he longs for.  If he is hoping this will be the one party that will make him happy.  I would like to have said to him, “You’re not going to find it here, that thing you long for.  You can’t buy it, but it can be freely given to you if you ask.”  My prayer is that the Lord will send a strong Christian man to this older gentleman.  Lord send a man who is not ashamed of his savior, who will share the gospel unashamedly.  This is my prayer for this older gentleman.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen


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