Who Brought the Mold?


Exodus 32:7-8   NIV

While Moses was on the mountain top talking to God the Israelites grew restless.  They were tired of waiting on Moses to tell them what to do next.  So they took matters in their own hands and decided to have their own worship time, without God.  God became furious and sent his beloved servant to stop the madness.  And Moses did.  He threw the tablets down and they shattered to pieces, scolding the Israelite’s like little children.

So let me ask, who brought the mold?  Who was the person who held on to their past?  I can see it now!  Aaron’s melting the gold but doesn’t have a way of molding an image.  Then he hears these words,  “I have it!  Here it is!  I thought we would need it someday, so I tucked it away just for this occasion!  Let the party begin!”

Dictionary.com  defines mold as a frame on which something is formed or made.  The Israelite’s were still using their old mold of thinking, forgetting the One and Only God.  The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob (Israel).

Just a few things to remember from this story:

  • Worship the One true God!  He is a very jealous God and does not like to share!
  • Some things need to be left in Egypt!  Old molds are one of them!
  • While you are waiting, PRAY and keep your focus on the mountain.  That is where you will find God!
  • Stay clear of the guy with the mold!  Nothing good will come from it!
In His Name,


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