Role Models For Us Today

     Are we hiding behind the doctrine of God’s omnipresence, that he is everywhere around the globe, especially “where two or three are gathered together” . . . to the point that we don’t seriously ask and expect to see him work with power in our lives here and now?  Shouldn’t we expect to see him in action once in a while?  Shouldn’t we implore him to manifest himself?  Moses did.  Joshua did.  Elijah did.  Elisha did.  Peter did.  Philip did.  Paul did.  Shouldn’t we?
     God will manifest himself in direct proportion to our passion for him.  The principle he laid down long ago is still true:  “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart”  (Jer. 29:13)  O God, split the heavens and come down!  Manifest yourself somehow.  Do what only you can do.

     In addition, what a delight it will be to meet those heroes of the faith, both men and women, who fill the pages of the Bible.  I can’t wait to greet Paul the apostle, who penned so much of the New Testament and whose life has inspired so many Christians.  I long to talk to Moses, who led Israel out of Egypt and did great exploits for God.  Then I will soon move along to Abraham, Deborah, Joshua, Ruth, David, Helez, Sibbecai, Ahiam, Hezro, Zabad . . . Who?  Did I wander off track a bit?  You say you don’t recognize those last few names?
     They are all carefully listed in 1 Chronicles 11, an amazing group of warriors known as David’s “mighty men.”  God the Holy Spirit thought they were impressive enough to have every last one written down, because “they, together with all Israel, gave [David’s] kingship strong support to extend it over the whole land, as the LORD had promised” (v.10).
In His Name,

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