What Do I Use God’s House For?


Mark 11: 15-18

     The twelve disciples were no doubt just as stunned as the crowd; nothing is said about their helping their Master clean house.  All by himself Jesus started pitching over the tables, blocking people who were carrying things, and saying, “Get out of here with that!  You can’t bring that through the courts.”  He stormed over to the merchants of oxen and sheep and doves, saying, “Out!  Get your business out of here!”
     What happened to the loving Jesus?  Anyone who gets that irate and physical surely must not be walking in the Spirit, right?  But this was Jesus Christ.  In fact, the first time he did this a couple of years before (see John 2), he even made a whip out of cords.  He was physically thrashing people out of the temple!
     What made God’s Son so agitated?
     His house was being prostituted for purposes other than what was intended.
     As the feathers were flying and the coins were clattering to the pavement and the businessmen were shouting for the police, Jesus said above the roar, “This place looks and feels more like a mall than a temple.  Whatever happened to Isaiah’s word about the real point of this building–to be a house of prayer for all nationalities and races?  Out! Get out, all of you!”


In His Name,


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