Unconditional Love

A mom left the dad in charge of the youngest girl one day while she went shopping.  After some time the dad got to missing the young girl.  He frantically searched the house for her, for fear of what the mom would do if he lost this precious child.  After time he found the young girl buried under pillows and blankets in her room sound asleep.  You see the little girl did not know that she was lost but her father did and he searched high and low until he found her.  He would even die for her if necessary.
Our heavenly father is the same.  He knows we are lost even when we don’t. God will never stop searching until he finds us, no matter how many layers of sin we are under.  He loved us so much that he died for our sins, giving us the gift of grace.
You too can receive this gift.  God loves you so much that he will search for you until the end of time.  You are his child and he will never leave you or forsake you.  Never, regardless of how many layers of sin you are under.  (Based on a story told by my former pastor.)
In His Name,
SnowbyrrdNumbers 6:24-25


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