"Be thou perfect." King James Version

If you are reading from a King James Version, the commandment is daunting:  “Be thou perfect.”  The word translated perfect in King James and blameless in the NIV doesn’t mean sinless.  It means whole, entire, or complete.7  I believe God was saying something much like this to Abram:  “I am God, huge and powerful.  I don’t need you.  You need me.  Now, take every step with the keen awareness that you walk continually before My gaze.  I want all of you—not one person behind closed doors and another in the open.  I want your mind as well as your heart.  I want your soul as well as your spirit.  If you want to do this thing with Me, get all the way in.”  Can’t we all relate with any temptation on Abram’s part to retain some independence?  Don’t we tend to want all God has for us while we give Him only half of us?  p.42  

7 Ibid., 125. 


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