Red Sea Rule #9

View your current crisis as a faith builder for the future.

“Like any good coach, He sits down with His players, using a game book of Scripture, gives us information, explains the rules, reviews the plays. Then comes the scrimmage. Then videotapes, chewing out, more data, and another scrimmage. It’s a virtually endless cycle, but in the process good players become skilled professionals. Good people become growing disciples, and little faith grows into great faith.”
This past week I had a scrimmage with life. So guess what the Lord and I have been doing this weekend. You guessed it, we have been reviewing those videotapes. We have been checking out all those things I could have done better but didn’t. Did I learn something from this past week? Yes. Let’s just hope I can remember it though and be ready for the next time. Have you had any scrimmage’s lately? Maybe you and the Lord need to review your tapes.
In His Name,

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